Get Eco-Friendly and Sustainable with Marketz Promotions!

Wanting to maintain your brand awareness through Eco–Friendly and Sustainable products?

Marketz Promotions has a noteworthy number of corporate promotional Eco-friendly and Sustainable product for a variety of businesses, consumers and organisations across Australia and New Zealand . Each Eco-friendly and Sustainable, promotional products that we offer will leave an everlasting impression on your brand as well save the planet.

Reduce your client and staffs footprints through Marketz extensive range of unique, promotional eco-friendly and sustainable products range branded with your very own logo and slogans. 


Eco-friendly and sustainable promotional bags with branded logo for clients and staff members. Practical, unique, inexpensive. Eco-friendly product for every day use. 



Reduce your client and staff members foot-prints with your very own branded, eco -friendly and sustainable diary. 




Write-smart with our eco-friendly and sustainable, promotional pens & pencils. Branded with personalised logos and slogans. 

Get eco-friendly and sustainable with our promotional range of eco-firnedly and sustainable bags, ready for recycling and every day use with your companys branded logo and slogan. 





Eco-friendly and sustainable, promotional coffee cups? Say no more, we have mutliples colour available in our eco-friendly and sustainable range, ready to be customised by you! Make them your own with branded logos and slogans. 

Summer time at Marketz Promotions!

Summer, Summer, Summer – it’s just around the corner!

Get your very own Corporate, Promotional Summer Gifts for clients and staff from our team at Marketz Promotions!

Branded with your logo and slogans, providing maximum brand awareness, enhance the loyalty of your clients and exceed your clients and colleagues’ interests this summer!



The warmer weather is striking.

Our promotional, Summer T-Shirts will be a perfect corporate gift for your clients and colleagues during the hot summer period.

Get colourful and creative with your branded logo and slogan. Customize your promotional t-shirt this summer.

Breathable, Fun and Attractive – the best promotional, summer gift for your clients and colleagues!


Summertime, warmer weather.

We all know that’s code for the outdoors.

Promotional Summer, Outdoor items. We have it all!

Customise your summer gear with promotional branding and slogans.




Here are some of our favourite promotional, outdoor summer items:



Our range doesn’t stop there, we have everyone covered this summer!


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